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Let the universe work for you!

Learn how to apply powerful manifesting energies. 

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The Essential  Manifesting Monthly 

teaches you HOW to create your personalized manifesting action plan.

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I'll walk you through creating a step-by-step guide to manifesting the life of your dreams!

Sounds almost too good to be true, right?

Well, you’re in luck!

In The Essential Manifesting Guidebook, author and spiritual lifestyle expert Trish McKinnley has created a done-for-you blueprint to creating your most magical year!

In The Essential Manifesting Monthly

  • Deeper dive & understanding into The Essential Manifesting Guidebook.
  • Additional monthly cosmic events and how to best apply in your manifesting
  • Specific, simple and easy-to-do steps to use every day to manifest anything you desire

  • Detailed action plans & Guided Worksheets to use for each month's powerful manifesting energy

  • Interactive Masterclass that helps transform your dreams into reality 

  • Live Q & A so you can get clarity on direction, manifesting tips, and increasing the vibrational energy for manifesting
  • Specific techniques for manifesting love, money, and better health
  • Proven process for manifesting what you want

About Trish...

Trish McKinnley is a spiritual lifestyle and manifesting expert who’s passionate about helping your dreams become a reality. Creator of Goddessology® and The Forgotten Tools of the Universe®. A manifesting mentor, Trish is known for her unique and easy-to-apply approach, helping all ages around the world rapidly manifest their dreams.

Named Soul & Spirit magazine’s “Rising Star,” Trish can be found enjoying her manifested happily ever after, complete with modern-day castle and handsome prince … a remarkable manifestation for a single mom with six kids! Isn’t it time she helps you too?

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Now is your chance...

Maybe you’ve never heard of manifesting, or maybe you have but lately, the Law of Attraction seems to be ignoring you. Sure, you’re happy for everyone else manifesting love, piles of money, and their dreams come true...but deep down, you know it’s time for YOU to manifest what you want, too!



Comprised of 5 Elements, you'll learn...



Planets, astrological signs, moon cycles, and ancient energies infuse every month. These cosmic energies bring escalated cosmic flow and manifesting strengths. Go deeper into ALL of the known and hidden manifesting energies. 



Understand and know how to apply each unique aspect of the cosmic events for your manifesting. Create a specific blueprint using the worksheets provided. Have a plan of action as you set your manifesting calendar and schedule.



Gain control of limiting thoughts and blockages. Connect and empower your manifesting vibration. Create the perfect mental and spiritual environment and empower your manifesting vibration with personalized affirmations.



Learn how to apply precise and proven manifesting techniques. Learn to trust your intuition and connect with your unique manifesting gifts.  Every event provides a spiritual upgrade and you'll be equipped and ready to tap into it. 



 This LIVE provides an opportunity to ask for clarity and guidance on your manifesting journey.  Each month has different energies for manifesting money, love and health. Tune in to ensure you know the secrets. 


This is your time... 

The Essential Manifesting Monthly is designed to accompany The Essential Manifesting Guidebook 2022.


Go deeper into each month's cosmic manifesting energies so you can create your unique and powerful manifesting  blueprint for each month.


Align your mindset, gain confidence and transform your desires into dreams come true,


You're here for a reason. You're meant to live the life you wish for. Apply this proven process to unlocking it! 

This is your time... 

The Essential Manifesting Guidebook was created with you in mind. It is designed to equip you with confidence and tools to harness the power within you to manifest the life you're destined to live.

Your desires and dreams are speaking to you for a reason. You're meant to live the life you wish for. This guidebook is your key to unlocking it! 

Wait, what's included again?

  • Detailed calendar of the cosmic events and how to weave into your manifesting plan  
  • Simple and easy-to-do steps to use every day to manifest anything you desire
  • Expanded insight into every month’s unique energy and what that means for your dreams
  •  Masterclass to create and leverage your manifesting action plans & guided worksheets for each month's powerful manifesting energy

  • Masterclass with unique and revealing manifesting steps

  • Live Q & A

You'll learn exactly how to utilize the cosmic events, astrological energies, and moon cycles for manifesting what you want.

You'll have the step-by-step monthly blueprint for attracting exactly what you want in your house, a new love, career, name can manifest it! 


Here's What Others Are Saying...


“My husband and I have tried to buy a house for years. Something always happened to eat up or savings, and it felt like our dream was forever out of reach. Trish taught me how to focus my intention and manifest our dream house. She helped me change my perspective and my wording so everything I was doing was helping to manifest the goal.

When I learned how to manifest from her, things started to change drastically. Everything I asked for manifested...

...The perfect house, the loan approval, the money to close on the house, and the means to move everything quickly and safely.

I am so grateful to Trish for teaching me how to use my inner goddess power to make my dreams come true!” 


"I’ve known Trish for many years and I’m so grateful she has been in my life. Trish has taught me the tools for manifesting and I've made it a daily part of my every day life.

The first and most important thing I manifested was my true love and soulmate Sam!

Not only was he everything on my list but he was also into manifesting. Together we are a super power couple and have manifested a beautiful home, trips all over the country, and we are always super excited to see what unfolds next!

With Trish's manifesting tools, we stay focused on positivity and have a firm sense knowing it will be “this or something better”.


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